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LTM2214 line of sight single beam laser (LOS-SBL) torque metering technology contributes effectively to fuel saving, emissions reduction and prime mover-power train system diagnostic 
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LTM2214 laser torque meters

In the past torque measurement often was a critical application due to the limited accuracy of available technologies, periodical need for adjustment, system drifts, etc...  Installation in harsh or high powers (MW) environments was a problem too.
Advanced Measurement Solutions overcomes all these issues with the LTM2214 laser torque meter system, which uses its developed and patented line of sight single beam laser (LOS-SBL) torque metering technology.
The LTM2214 gives the user a state of art, advanced system for routine or reference measurement, which can carry out vibrotorsional analysis (in time and frequency domains), calculate specific fuel consumption, log data on a standard SD Card (PC readable) and generate alarms at adjustable thresholds.  
LTM2214 characteristics permit fuel savings and CO2, SOx and NOx emissions reduction. The system can be controlled remotely by a standard PC or by an automation system by means of its serial ports.
Software utilities are available free of charge from the download area of this web site.
A full range of spares and accessories is also available from Advanced Measurement Solutions.


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